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Do you like all kinds of Microgreens? Want some surprises? This is a great option for you. Choose from quantity and size and get ready for nutritious, delicious microgreens delivered right to your door!!!

Varieties can include but are not limited to Arugula, Bistro Blend, Broccoli, Burrito Blend, Cabbage, Cantaloupe, Kale, Leek, Maki Mix, Mild Mix, Onion, Mustards, Pac Choi/Bak Choy, Pea Shoots, Radishes

Add a “Chef’s Kiss” to your subscription to get a special variety added to your subscription. This can be added once a month or every week and does not have to be the same frequency as your subscription, but it cannot be more frequently than your subscription.

How much should you get?

  • AN INDIVIDUAL: up to 2 ounces of microgreens a week
  • A COUPLE: up to 3 ounces of microgreens a week
  • A FAMILY OF FOUR: up to 5 ounces per week

These are averages of course. You may consume more or less.

We always recommend getting your microgreens more frequently so that you are getting the most nutritional benefit from eating them!

Additional information

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INDIVIDUAL (2oz), COUPLE (3oz), FAMILY OF 4 (4oz), FAMILY OF 6 (6oz)


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