Microgreens Pack Pro 2021


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The Microgreens Pack Pro 2021 is a tool we designed to help us better manage our packaging.

Packaging Microgreens can be hectic especially when you have custom blends and mixes, pre-orders, and walk-up customers. We found ourselves sitting down with a calculator to determine how much of each microgreen we needed to meet our orders, get our blends exact, and prepare for walk-up customers at farmers’ markets.

Consistency is key: If your blends vary in content from week to week your customers will lose confidence in your product because they can’t depend on the same flavor profile. Eliminate the guesswork with the Pack Pro Spreadsheet! This spreadsheet takes your harvest yields and the amounts you enter for your small, medium, and large (as well as XL-XXL) and knows how much you will have leftover for each crop you grow. It also gives you totals for your mixes and blends based on the percentages you set. This has saved us countless hours while packaging our microgreens. Precision is the name of the game.


Put simply it will save you time and money. Could you make one of these yourself? If you are good with spreadsheets, yes! However, how long will that take you, a few hours, a few days? How much is your time worth? Surely more than $20 an hour!!! If you spend more than 5 hours on your own spreadsheet you’ve spent $100 in labor and believe us this spreadsheet took way more than 5 hours! Why not invest in a spreadsheet that’s already done, tested and proven? You will save yourself time, money, hassle, and of course the “excel eyes”.

Want to save $10? Purchase the Price Calculator and the Pack Pro at the same time and use coupon code “BUNDLE10” at checkout!

Purchase, download and install/uploading instructions can be found in this video. It will answer most questions you have. HOW TO PURCHASE, DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL/UPLOAD LITTLE LEAF SPREADSHEETS


We use this tool every harvest ourselves and it is accurate and customizable to your business!


  • Automatically calculate how much you can package:
    • By sizes for each variety
    • By Blends/Mixes and Variety Packs
    • Every value updates as you tell it how many you want to pack
  • Once you’ve entered in what you want to pack the second sheet tells you how much you need of each variety for your custom blends and mixes, and the third sheet tells you how much of each size you need to package.

Purchase includes all future updates!!!

*All of our spreadsheets are made using Google Sheets. They work best on Google Sheets. We do not promise functionality on any other Worksheet program.

All sales of digital products are final and non-refundable.

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