Simply put: Microgreens are edible vegetables, fruits and herbs that are harvested very early in their growth to capture them at their freshest, most nutritious state. They are loaded with flavor and pair well with many dishes, most of the time the same you would use the mature vegetables with.


Although they share similarities with sprouts, microgreens are NOT sprouts! The are more flavorful and can be used in way more dishes… and kids love them!

They are harvested before or right after their first true leaf shows, which is typically 1-2 weeks from when they are planted.

Several studies have shown that microgreens contain up to 40x the nutrients of their mature versions by weight. In other words, .4 ounces of broccoli microgreens could have the same nutrients as a full pound of broccoli florets! Not only this, but nutrients are present in microgreens that are not present in the full-grown vegetables. They aren’t present because the plant consumes the nutrients as it grows, or they are broken down by natural forces.

The University of Maryland performed a study of 25 commercially grown microgreens, and although it isn’t exhaustive, it covers the basics when it comes to nutrients in microgreens: “Mighty Microgreens: University of Maryland College of Agriculture”

Microgreens can be grown hydroponically, in soil, vertically or traditionally in the field or greenhouse. They can be temperamental due to how tightly packed they are when they grow. To get the best results temperature, humidity, air flow and sanitation all must be closely monitored and regulated. Of course, microgreens can be grown at home, but they are a growing method that requires a little more effort than your standard vegetable garden.

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