Little Leaf LLC is a family-owned, vertical microgreens farm. We started in September 2019 with a desire to grow our own microgreens after a friend introduced us to the little, tasty foods. This led to experimentation with various lights, watering methods, growing mediums, germination techniques and much more. In that time a lot was learned, a lot of blood, sweat and tears were shed and knowledge gained.

We are now located in beautiful Perkasie, Pennsylvania right down the street from the Philadelphia Glider Council and the Hilltown Township building.

We have a customized grow space we built ourselves. This space allows us to control every aspect of the growing environment, from temperature and humidity to airflow and light intensity. This allows us to get consistent, high-quality microgreens while using dramatically less water than conventional farming practices.

Dani and Andrew

We are Dani and Andrew Springer the owners of Little Leaf. We share a vision of a company that produces the highest quality, most nutritious microgreens for our customers and restaurants. We believe health is important, and with the grocery store food chain becoming less transparent every day it is vital to know where your food is coming from. Our greens come directly from the soil to your table with as little time in between as possible. They are so packed with flavor that we ourselves put them on and in almost everything we eat (except dessert, but there are dessert Microgreens WOW!).

Microgreens that are Tasty, Local, Fresh, Natural, and Nutritious: That is what we are passionate about in our business.

Other Interests

We are both followers of Jesus Christ, claiming no denomination, but sticking to a classical understanding of the scriptures. This belief affects everything else we do, including our business. Jesus commanded us to love one another as we love ourselves

We both enjoy the outdoors and go fly fishing and camping together and with friends and family whenever we can. We love classic, fast or exotic cars.

Both help lead an addiction recovery meeting at Covenant Church Doylestown called Breaking Addiction Meeting and Andrew is president of Facing Addiction Ministries.