What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are vegetable, herb and fruit plants that are grown for 1-2 weeks and then harvested. They are older then sprouts and younger then baby greens.

Why should I eat microgreens?

Microgreens are 4-40 times more nutrient-dense then full-grown vegetables. This means a small amount provides the same nutrients as a large amount of the mature version.

They are also incredibly flavorful. Many people who don’t normally enjoy eating vegetables and greens find they love the flavor and soft, tender texture of microgreens.

Aren’t they just sprouts?

NO! Although similar, microgreens are more sanitary, tastier and more nutritious then sprouts.

How do I use them?

Think of microgreens as a normal vegetable, you just don’t cook them. They can be added to soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, steaks, hoagies and more! We also have specific blends and mixes that are a great mixture of flavors to add your meals like out Bistro Blend, Burrito Blend and Maki Mix.

How long do they last?

Because of how we harvest, handle and package our microgreens they last 2-4 weeks in the refrigerator.

Why should I buy these from you and not the other guys?

There are a few other Microgreens growers in the area. However, we work hard to ensure we are providing the best product possible. We provide the freshest, tastiest, and highest quality Micros in the area.

Why do they cost so much? Other growers sell them for less.

This comes down to quality. In order to provide the Premium Microgreens we are known for, a lot of attention to detail and quality control needs to take place. This requires time. But the result is the highest quality Microgreens in the area!!!

We offer subscription services that save you money and special pricing for restaurants and wholesalers.

Can’t I grow these myself?

Yes, you can grow these yourself. We love to hear that people are growing them. They take a lot of work to get consistent, quality results. We have several different parts of our process that make ours have the color and taste they do.

What’s the paper towel in the package for?

The little piece of paper towel in the package is to keep the greens fresh. This absorbs extra moisture. For maximum freshness and to make the greens last longer, change this out when it gets soaked.

What’s up with all the seeds in your microgreens?